Sunday, March 17, 2013



rsnya da lame jgk gua x kongsi ceritera gua kt cni
bknnya gua buat2 bz ke or hape
tp mmg gua bz..
weekend je la gua dpt memeluk bantal tuh smpai pkl 10 pg
ye mmg teruk perangai anak dara bgn lewat
tp weekend adalah masa gua nk re-energize balik energy

susah jd bdk final year nih
jadual mmg x padat mane
tp projek melambak baq hang

kdg2 gua penat jgk jd independent nih
sbb all the time org rs gua bole buat semua benda
padahal x
gua hanya manusia biasa 
yg kdg2 nkkan perhatian
mcm adik gua ckp
gua lack of love

tp xpe
Allah sntiasa ada utk gua
thank you Allah

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

easy to say, very hard 2 do


as we all know, right now is a critical time for Malaysian, esp for sabahan people. the issue that getting worse each day seems like no ending to it. from a small intruders problem, now LD has become a war zone. i'm not the kind of person who gave much attention to other part of the world problems but now i do. i started reading papers again which i rarely do before, i keep update with what's happening there. not just because i care, but it's my country problem. i can be patriotic sometimes because i was in the army before. so, the country loving-obsession feeling is a must for an army.

i have a course mate who's a sabahan. she's originally from LD. she used to be posting happy, motivation status before in FB. i used to know her as someone who never back down or be a tearjerker no matter what happened. i was wrong. damn wrong. the issue at LD hit her like the bomb hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki. she walks  around like a zombie. her body is here with us, but her mind and soul were flying high to her home. 

i couldnt imagine if i'm in her position. crying would do. but i probably don't have the strength to go to class. but she did. i know she kept telling herself things would be alright but she surely knows that anything can happen.

i hope she will always be strong. i miss her being like a kid with sugar rush every time she walks into the class. i hope she knows that when she feels like she got no 1 to turn to, Allah will always be there. Allah is more than enough. i know it's easy to say than done, but we'll always pray for things to be okay again.

" Don't be sad.. Allah with us" 
- surah At-Taubah (40)